The Sunroom at Auchmar

(Also called the Morning Room during the R.C.A.F. years)


Gwyneth Young, one of Alan and Edna’s children, recounted some of her childhood memories of Auchmar to writer Paul Wilson a few years ago.

She spoke of music throughout the house, orchestras playing, and ladies in long gowns.

There was laughter in the kitchen when Nellie Ewan the cook, prepared the meals.

There are memories of Nellie singing along to Harry Lauder’s music as the record played on a stand up Victrola in Nelli’s sitting room.

There was Mr. Scott who was the gardener and placed a ladder in the apple trees.

There was the Embleton family, Harry and Mary and the children who lived in the Gatehouse. Harry was the stable master and kept the horses in top shape. The stables and carriage house was home to the horses, Atlas, Gypsy, Mac, Larkspur and Highlight.

An avid rider, a passion which she got from her mother, Gwyn’ s favourite horse was Gypsy.

Her interests were similar to her mothers’ yet different as well.

Frank Panabaker gave Gwyneth lessons in art and painting. There is a photograph of landscape painting of the manor house and part of the grounds which she accomplished herself.

Urbanicity May 2011 “Duchess of Auchmar”, Paul Wilson.