The Ballroom at Auchmar

(The following excerpt is from a letter written to Mrs. P. A. Voelker from Mrs. Livermore, Suffolk, England)

17 Beccles Rd/
Bungay, Suffolk

June 27, 1945

“Dear Curly, Phil,

Thank you very much for your letter which we were very pleased to receive. It certainly is a great relief to know the war with Germany at least is over, and you can go to bed without having to be on the alert for the Siren sounding…….

………. I’m sure you were very pleased to have your elder brother come home, I hope he was not too badly wounded. My younger brother came home from Germany for 9 days the beginning of May, he was home when VE day was declared, so mother was very glad he hadn’t to go back to any fighting out there. My elder brother has now gone out in the Army of Occupation so it will be rather nice if they could meet.”

Source:  Correspondence of Mrs. Livermore to Mrs. P. A. Voelker, 36 Young St. West, Waterloo, Ontario, By Air Mail, Air Letter, postage stamp date eligible.

This is one of the largest rooms in Auchmar. The southern and western window exposures allow natural light to highlight the details and master craftsmanship.

Throughout the decades this room has served many purposes. Large enough to hold a banquet in (if one chose to), it was a well appointed living area for the Young family, a friendly place to sing the songs of the 1940s by the airmen of the R.C.A.F. and a place of worship.

Well into a second century, the room has been used for television productions and hosted community meetings.

John Kajaste

10th April 2022, Hamilton, Ontario