The Library at Auchmar

(Portion of a Newspaper Clipping October,19 th / year and paper unrecorded)

A clean cut young fight pilot from Edmonton this afternoon sat in Auchmar, former residence of A.V.Young on Mount Hamilton, now an R.C.A.F. convalescent hospital and quietly told how he spent 8 days in a rubber dingy in the English Channel after his Spitfire was shot down over France this spring…

There, in home like surroundings (W.O.2 Gerald) Emes and other airmen wounded in action or injured or ailing in the course of their duties will be nursed back to health through a program of physiotherapy, sports, relaxation…

Auchmar… has been turned over intact in its original condition, even valuable paintings and expensive rugs and furniture.

A Sketch of the Isaac Buchanans and their Estate Auchmar, Hamilton, Canada West
C. Grant Head, Heritage Hamilton Foundation 2007. Revised July 2015.