The Buchanan Family at Auchmar

Elsie Buchanan.

“The family’s original intention was to live on the mountain only during the summer months, as they maintained a residence on Henry Street (Now Cannon St.).

Originally, there were glass enclosed verandahs running the length of the house, front and back. Isaac had them made to experience the health benefits of sunshine, even when it was too cold to step outside.”

In 1936, Elsie recalled the early years at Auchmar during an interview with a reporter from The Spectator.

Gwen Vasseur.

“In 1874, Isaac, Agnes, two of their sons, Robert and Douglas, and Elsie leave their beloved Auchmar and move to 95 James Street South. Elsie was 9 years old.

As we know, in 1901 Elsie’s brother James and perhaps with some help from the other siblings, purchases Auchmar and Elsie establishes a home for her globe trotting brothers and sisters, and they would return as they wished.

They sent home trunks full of things that they no longer needed or had room for, but couldn’t bear to part with. At one point she was storing 42 of these trunks.”

In 2018, Mrs. Gwen Vasseur shared her mother’s memories and stories about Auchmar, which were written down in 2000.

Step back to 1922 or further, if you choose.

While standing in the library, viewing the carriage circle from the windows of the music room, overlooking the north side gardens, or seated at the banquet table, imagine arriving at Auchmar by horse and carriage.

Imagine the activity and preparation for a visit from a brother or sister, upon receiving a letter or telegram. The northeast bedroom was Jane’s room, complete with brass bed and highboy dresser.

Auchmar has many, many stories, to share.

Photographs are courtesy of the A.V.Young Private Collection, the Vasseur Family Collection, and the Musee-McCord.