The North Arch at Auchmar

The journey to Auchmar began with horse and carriage in the times of Isaac Buchanan. Later with the introduction of the automobile, the horse and carriage faded, but was not obsolete.

If you wished to call upon Miss Elsie Buchanan, Auchmar and resided in the lower city, you had choices. These were made easier with the opening of the James Street Incline Railway.

The Incline Railway was operational when the Young family purchased Auchmar in 1926.

One could take the Incline Railway up to the Mountainview Hotel. At the hotel, one would traverse Claremont until arriving at the picket fence and the Gatehouse of Auchmar. Proceding along the laneway, one would pass through the North Arch and along the Grand Allee, Finally, with the Auchmar Manor House in view, one would arrive at the predetermined time.

Today, the North Arch still exists, should one know where to look.

Photographs are courtesy of the Vasseur Family Collection and the Bishop Farrell Library and Archives.