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Restoration Photos

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Future Projects Suitable for Public Support and City Council Support

  • Front entrance to the site
  • Replication of the Garden Wall gates
  • Replanting of the front gardens
  • Plaster conservation of the west side bay window (highly decorative plaster)
  • Investigation of the historic interior paint finishes
  • Conservation of the historic windows in the east wing
  • Removal of old, falling paint chip particles from interior walls if possible (there would then be more interest from film companies to rent the facilities if the walls free of falling old paint)

List of recently completed work at Auchmar Estate:

2019 Restoration and Renovation Work Completed

  • Repairs to systems in the main house
  • Re-roofing of the dovecote
  • Fire, building code and use review of the main house, chapel complex and coach house

2018 Restoration and Renovation Work Completed

  • Replacement of the coach house roof (this happened in 2018 after the wall was completed)
  • Repairs of the main house heating system
  • Completion of the garden wall restoration

2017 Restoration and Renovation Work Completed

  • Completion of the restoration of the stone garden walls surrounding the coach house (the portion from the gate approximately ¾ of the way to the dovecote)

2016 Restoration and Renovation Work Completed

  • Completion of the exterior painting
  • Completion of the exterior foundation parging
  • Repair and painting of the stucco finish on the east wing of the main house
  • Re-painting/Graining of the front door and surround (if enough funds)
  • Repair and repainting of balconies

2015 Restoration and Renovation Work Completed

  • Re-roofing
  • Restoration of 5 chimneys
  • Conservation of soffit and fascia
  • Replacement of eavestroughs
  • Conservation of historic windows
  • Replacement of modern windows with replicas of documented historic windows
  • Installation of storm windows on first floor
  • Restoration of bay windows including roofing and downspouts
  • Restoration of the stone garden wall around the coachhouse
  • Stabilization and rebuilding of the foundation in the north-west corner

2014 Restoration and Renovation Work Completed

  • Stabilization of 2 plaster ceilings in the south bay windows prior to bay window work
  • Restoration of 1 or 2 bay windows on the south façade including windows, trim, roofing and masonry and re-painting.

2012 Renovations

  • Restoration of front door, sidelights, side door at entrance, rear door and gate 2012
  • Exterior colour investigation 2010-2012
  • Planning for restoration of the 4 bay windows
  • Restoration of one 1st floor window
  • Roof replacement, repair to roof decking
  • Dormer window cladding
  • Wooden soffit, fascia and vergeboard restoration
  • Finial restoration
  • Repainting of high trim
  • Rebuilding of 3 central chimney stacks

2011 Renovations

  • Restoration of upper casement window 2011
  • Restoration of front stone porch 2011
  • Removal of modern interior renovation from coach house 2011
  • Lime render investigation 2011
  • Gutter and down-spouts replacement 2011
  • Conservation and engineering report for stone walls 2011

2010 Renovations

  • Interior colour investigation 2010
  • Support of gate at coach house 2010
  • Historic Structures Report for House and stables 2010

2009 Renovations

  • Rebuilding of 2 west chimneys 2009
  • Rebuilding of south-west bay window foundation 2009