The Auchmar Vault

Occasionally, a home will present a different measure of importance, accrued over the years, such as a vault or safe.

Within these vaults and safes, significant documents, correspondence, currency and valuables would be housed.

McMaster installed a safe when it opened in Hamilton. Henry Frost, who was the force behind the building of the Royal Connaught Hotel, had a safe installed in his home on Markland Avenue in the Durand neighbourhood.

And the Young family installed a vault in Auchmar.

The work was completed to satisfaction by Goldie & McCulloch Co. Ltd.

When you tour Auchmar, look for the vault on the first floor in the north wing of the manor house.

Photographs of the vault are credited to The Hamilton Spectator and John Kajaste.

The photograph Alan Vernon Young is provided courtesy of Anne Young Lindsey.

This portrait hung in the hallway of the Hamilton Cotton Company in 1952.