Elizabeth Sue Hanna, Social Media – Member at Large


I am a self-taught artist and the inspiration for my artwork came from a Dutch artist by the name of M.C. Escher, I was mesmerized when saw some of his works that revolved around optical illusions with mathematical grids, I wanted to turn the optical illusion of the 3 dimension into reality so I experimented with organic matters and binders to create this 3rd dimension. I realized that this could be the beginnings of a new genre. I picked up a copy of “Vanished” a local history book on buildings that have been demolished in Hamilton, which took me on a quest to resurrect the beautiful architecture that has gone missing. The streetscape of Gore Park was my first painting in the series Hamilton’s Historic Landmarks. I had to rethink traditional painting techniques to achieve the 3D effect. Every picture presents its own unique challenges using the mixed mediums. For each piece in my series of Hamilton’s Historic Landmarks, I researched the history of the building to preserve the integrity of the architectural style of its day. I find it fascinating to discover the hidden details in researching my next subject and learn about our diverse history. I use recycled and natural plants to achieve the landscaping, my frames are also recycled.