Debra Ann Mills – Membership Coordinator


Debra Ann Mills, FO.A. Membership Co-Ordinator

Born and raised on the Hamilton mountain, Debra is passionate about anything historical and has lived in the Buchanan Park area for many years. As a 5-year old, when Auchmar was owned by the Sisters of Hungary, Debra would wish to be a nun just so she could live in the building.

Debra has lived in two Century homes, one built in 1885 in Caledonia and a stone heritage farmhouse built in 1865 in Hagersville. At the house in Hagersville, three (3) Terryberry family tombstones were found in the garage and Debra held onto them until 2019, when at that time, the Terryberry family and Debra agreed to donate to the Terryberry Library.

Debra worked for a large industrial construction firm for 37 years and retired in December 2019.

The love of historical buildings and places has brought Debra to the Friends of Auchmar, the Ancaster Village Heritage Community, Friends of Century Manor and the Hamilton Mountain historical society.