City of Hamilton


1999: City of Hamilton acquires Auchmar from DeSantis Co. in a complicated land exchange.
2000: Auchmar receives a Heritage Designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act by the City of Hamilton.
2001: The Ontario Heritage Trust and the City of Hamilton agree to Provincial Easements on Auchmar Estate.
2003: City of Hamilton issues a national R.F.P. for Auchmar Estate
2007: The Settlement and Integration Services Organization makes a presentation to the City of Hamilton.
2008: Columbia College International expresses to the City of Hamilton interest in Auchmar.
2009: City of Hamilton staff create a business plan on how to re-use the Auchmar Estate.
2011: Hi Rise Group, Warren Green has preliminary talks with the City of Hamilton about Auchmar.
2011: City of Hamilton halts works on the business plan. Re-evaluates future of Auchmar
2012: City of Hamilton opens Auchmar for Doors Open Hamilton
2012: City of Hamilton issues a call for Expression of Interest (E.O.I.) in Auchmar Estate.
2013: City of Hamilton issues a call to the private sector for Auchmar Estate
2014: City of Hamilton issues a non binding Request for Proposal (R.F.P.)
2015: Non binding R.F.P. concludes.
2015 City of Hamilton intends to open Auchmar to the private sector.
2015 City of Hamilton rescinds that decision.
2015: City of Hamilton Council directs staff to prepare an Operational Plan for the Auchmar Estate.
2016: In June the City of Hamilton Council receives the Auchmar Estate Operational Plan; It amends the recommendations.
2016: In June the City of Hamilton Council, by a majority, votes to keep the entire Auchmar Estate in City of Hamilton ownership.